Net Zero The Home Project

Suntuity Home’s first “Net Zero” structure will serve as a unique, one-of-a-kind home in the Garden State, running solely on renewable energy sources. It will operate as a completely self-sustaining LEED Platinum certified home that meets ENERGY STAR® and Department of Energy requirements. The two-story, 4,300 square feet. home will have a 4” foam base, 3,000 square feet., fully insulated basement and 921 square feet. 2-level garage on 0.88 acres of land. There will be 10’ ceilings on the first level of the home and 9’ ceilings throughout the rest of the structure.

98% of the home will have LED lighting, and the walls are being built from R-22 Rated Build Block Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) which creates a foam seal around every edge and provides top notch insulation for maximum energy efficiency. Both the front porch and back patio are to be built on R-29 rated Build Deck ICF foundations, and the driveway will be insulated with a Driveway Ice Melt System. It will be the first home in Middlesex County to be built with ICF.